BSR Refrigerator Bowl AutoXes Are Back!

don’t miss the second annual
BSR Refrigerator Bowl
Winter Autocross Series for 2016-2017!

We are happy to announce the return of a popular winter autocross series using various tracks at Summit Point Motorsports Park. Each date will be two different half-day autocrosses for two heats each. Register for morning-only or all day, because there are no work assigments (unless you choose that option for a discount) – just drive time! Registration will be limited so everyone gets plenty of runs. Entered cars must pass a BSR safety tech inspection and must be driven in/street legal (i.e. no racecars, no slicks.) Car classing is basic and these events are great for novice drivers! Touring laps on main circuit at lunchtime are now available at each event also. There is no cheaper or easier way to run for times on a real road course!


CLICK HERE for dates, registration, info, videos, and more!