Get Fast Events

About Us

Our name comes from the mantra at our first drivers meeting:

1) Be Safe.
2) Have Fun.
3) Get Fast.

We are based in Richmond, Virginia. 2018 is our twenty-first season (and twelfth full-time year) of professional service in the autosport industry. Our primary goal is to provide a variety of legal, organized, safety-minded and education-based high performance driving experiences for as many sports car fanatics as possible, while making them better on the street as a result. Our secondary goal is to develop related aspects of this particular fun in a responsible and positive manner. Everything we do is “by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts” which is why you see us driving at every event too!

In addition to our many years of experience with a fantastic safety record, what separates Get Fast is attention to detail. We are truly a full service company with proven solutions for a wide variety of goals. Please check out our website and feel free to contact us anytime for more information. Thank you!

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