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HPDE, High Performance Driving School, Driver’s Ed, Track Days, DEs – these are different names for the same events we’ve done hundreds of since the late 1990s mostly at VIR, Summit Point, and now Dominion Raceway. The idea is that we open up a dedicated high-speed road course circuit to drivers of street and race cars in alternating groups based on experience level. We provide in-car instruction for beginner, novice, and intermediate level drivers as well as classroom discussions and meetings. There is no safer way to explore the limits of fast driving! We provide and/or work many HPDEs a year including:

TRACKDAZE HIGH-PERFORMANCE DRIVING: click here (all season since 2007)

DOMINION HPDRE: click here (all season since 2017)

NASA-MA HPDE/TT ONLY WEEKENDS: click here (every year since 2009)

Our Youtube playlist of in-car videos – click here:
Youtube Playlist HPDE