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Trackcross, TrackCross, Circuitcross – these are different names for the same events we’ve been providing since the mid-2000s at VIR, Summit Point, and now Dominion Raceway. The idea is that we put on two half-day autocrosses for street cars except they’re not in a parking lot with cones, they’re on a twisty section of permanent road course without cones – and without work assignments! “Lots of runs and lots of fast fun” has always been the plan; these events are perfect for beginner/novice drivers and there is literally no cheaper or easier way to run for times on an actual racetrack. We do these every year as separate championships:

SUMMIT POINT WINTER SERIES: click here (Nov ’18 – Feb ’19)

SUMMIT POINT SUMMER SERIES: click here (finished Nov ’18)

DOMINION RACEWAY YEARLY SERIES: click here (finished Nov ’18)

Live timing link for events above – click here:
Live Timing Trackcross/TrackCross

Our Youtube playlist of in-car videos – click here:
Youtube Playlist Trackcross/TrackCross

Chris’s pics from our winter events – click here:
Finish Line Productions pics